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Studies show that apprentices are significantly more likely to secure employment after completing an apprenticeship program.

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Who We Are

At CareerGrowth, we believe everyone deserves the chance to explore their passions and find a fulfilling career path.

That's why we specialise in connecting individuals like you with apprenticeship programs that unlock doors to new industries, businesses, and skill sets.

Our Vision: We envision a world where traditional education seamlessly blends with hands-on experience. (Explains your vision for career development) Through apprenticeship programs, you can bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world application, equipping yourself for success in your chosen field

Unlock Your Potential

Apprenticeship programs for in-demand skills

Data Analytics

Start your data analytics career, build a portfolio, and gain valuable experience for a high-paying career.

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Become a skilled software developer, gain valuable experience, and get hired by top companies

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Cyber Security

Become a skilled cybersecurity analyst, gain valuable experience, and get hired by top companies

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Product Marketing

Get Hired by Top Brands! Master In-Demand Digital Marketing Skills. Craft Targeted Campaigns That Drive Sales & Engagement.

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Craft a stellar CV, master interview skills, and develop a winning job search strategy - all with CareerGrowth's expert guidance

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What People Say

Success Stories of our participants


Cybersecurity analyst

Before CareerGrowth, cybersecurity felt like a mystery. Their apprenticeship with a leading tech firm gave me hands-on experience with real-world threats. Now, I'm a Security Analyst at the same company, putting my skills to work every day! Thanks, CareerGrowth


Data analyst

I loved statistics, but transitioning to a data analytics career felt daunting. CareerGrowth paired me with a data-driven startup. I learned on the job and honed my analytical skills. Today, I'm a Data Analyst at a major advertising agency, thanks to the experience I gained!


Product marketer

Marketing theory was interesting, but CareerGrowth knew the power of real-world experience. Their product marketing apprenticeship placed me with a fast-growing software company. I learned campaign strategy and product positioning firsthand. Now, I'm a Product Marketing Manager at a dream company, launching innovative products!

Frequently asked questions

What learning options are available.?

We have both online and onsite learning options available for you to participate in the program. Although our onsite option is only available to those residing in Lagos Nigeria

Is it a free program?

The apprenticeship program is not free, we have very flexible payment plans

How many times in a week are live classes held?

Classes are held three times a week tuesday, saturday and sundays.

Do I get paid during the apprenticeship program?

Payment during the apprenticeship program varies and depends on the company you are assigned to. Some companies pay their apprentices while others don't but overall you build your portfolio and you gain practical job experience.

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